Saturday, June 2, 2012

Elizabeth Ann - My mothering one

Ready for a concert with her high heels and screwdriver microphone!!

Elizabeth is just a little over 2 1/2. It's hard to believe that, by the end of the summer, she will be 3 and ready for preschool. The only thing keeping me from crying my eyes out over this new phase of life is that we are homeschooling so she won't actually go to preschool! I don't think I could handle it if I had to send her away!

She takes good care of me. If I'm crying, she sits next to me until I'm better. If I need something, she is (99% of the time, after all, she's still a kid!) quick to jump up and help me. She's definitely a nurturer!

She is learning so much. She can say her ABC's and count to 13! She LOVES to sing. She knows the first verse to "Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus" and she sang it at our family reunion. She has also learned the Fruit of the Spirit. The chapter/verse still gives her trouble though. She can't understand why it's 5:22 instead of 5, 6! And she is completely potty-trained! No more diapers!! I bought her last package two weeks ago! :-(

She can rock a mean attitude, but she also has a silly side. When she woke up the other morning, she was rubbing her eyes. I said, "what's wrong baby?" She said, "Nothing's wrong. My eyes just tired because I just woke up"!!! Later that afternoon Samantha was very fussy and needed to be rocked (for several hours). I had an empty laundry basket in the living room, and Elizabeth pulled it over beside my rocking chair, put her pillow in it, and sat in it. Jennifer saw her and needed to do the same thing. So, I got her set up in our other laundry basket on the other side of my chair. We sat there eating vanilla wafers and watching Sesame Street. After about 10 minutes Jennifer couldn't sit still any longer! She got out and was playing all alone. Suddenly, out of nowhere, she walked over to Elizabeth and slapped her in the face. It was so unexpected that I started laughing! (It must not have hurt to bad because Elizabeth was laughing too!) I'm laughing now as I think about it. I was laughing so hard I was crying! Elizabeth must have thought I was just crying because she said, "It's okay momma. I'm fine." That just made me laugh harder! A few minutes later Jennifer hit me. I knew I had to keep my composure and discipline her. I did but then pictured when she hit Elizabeth, and I started laughing again. That made Jennifer laugh. I told her "No! It's not funny!" Elizabeth said "then why you laughing?" I said, "because of something funny that happened." Elizabeth said, "You mean Jennifer?" She got me!!! Then at lunch I asked her if she wanted peanut butter and jelly or turkey and cheese. She must have had too many vanilla wafers because she said, "No. I'm not hungry. Thank you though." and then proceeded to send me off with a flippant wave of her hand!

Vanilla Wafers and Sesame Street

She struggles with bad dreams almost every night. So, if we watch TV or movies, it's always cheery stuff. She likes Father of the Bride 2 ("George and the babies") and The Parent Trap and Full House. She is CONSTANTLY quoting lines from those movies and shows! She is definitely a little parrot!

She also struggles with needing to get out of the house. She is a definite "people person". She loves going to Wal-Mart. She loves her cousins on daddy's side of the family, and she had a GREAT time meeting new cousins at momma's family reunion! She misses her cousins and aunts/uncles and grandparents and cried when they left! She is looking forward to playing with Calum and Granger and Adilynn and Carrick in June. She loves babies too so she is excited about meeting Christopher Michael and Kata while we're there!

And she is my outdoors girl! She is constantly asking to go to Gran's house and "wide da hwses" (though she's never ridden)!! She even likes to feed Joey! She loves to tramp around outside and get dirty!! She adapts well to her surroundings - girly girl or tomboy, whatever the situation calls for!

Getting more hay for Joey!

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