Saturday, June 2, 2012

Samantha Brooke - My quiet, serious one

So, I started this blog to share the things God is teaching me as I study His word - currently Proverbs 31. However, I have 3 wonderful blessings (among many) that encompass the majority of my days . . . and nights! They say and do the cutest things on a daily basis and constantly amaze me with how much they change. We make so many memories - good and bad! I thought I'd share 3 of the 4 blessings that make up my world!!

Isn't she precious????

Samantha is 3 1/2 months old, and putting on the lbs MUCH quicker than her big sisters did! She is finally getting adjusted to life outside the womb and is getting on a schedule. And for this organized, OCD momma, schedules are vital to life!!!

She eats 8 oz at 9 am, 1 pm, 5 pm, and 9 pm. She wakes up for an hour at each of these feedings and then sleeps for 3 hours until the next feeding. Then at 9 pm she goes to sleep for 12 hours!!! "Praise the holy Lord above!!!"

Her carseat is her "happy place" and though we've been working on laying flat on her back and on tummy time, she screams through it all as if she's enduring some form of mistreatment!

She no longer takes a pacifier. Don't even offer it. It only makes her scream louder!!

She rolled halfway over the other night, and if I hadn't had bumpers in her crib (Please don't judge my use of them. This is not the time or place for that!) she would have made it all the way over. I placed her on her tummy to sleep (see above note) and she was not happy with me. She wanted to be in her carseat. So she screamed and - almost - rolled over!!

Her first time in shoes!!!

She has been - by far - my most difficult baby, but we have finally started to bond, and I'm beginning to feel the "warm, fuzzy" feelings! 

She doesn't like the high-pitched baby talk. She responds more often to normal voices. She knows her daddy too. He walks in the room, and her face lights up! She hasn't laughed for us yet, but we do get smiles - BIG smiles, mouth open wide!!!

She has already been spoon fed by her big sisters. Granted, all she got to eat was air, but she managed the spoon and toothbrush (thank you Jennifer for sharing your version of a spoon!) quite nicely!!

It's like having a real life baby doll!!

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