Saturday, June 2, 2012

Jennifer Bryce - My smiley face

Always happy! A bit of sunshine even on the darkest days!

Jennifer is going to be 19 months in just 2 more days!

She LOVES to eat!! No one believes me when I say that she will eat anything you put in front of her. However, she has eaten (actually swallowed) a lemon peel, two bites from a candle, and powder laundry detergent! Now tell me I don't know what I'm talking about!!

She is very destructive! I can't leave her alone for 2 seconds! I have a table of pictures at the top of the stairs. They have been there since we moved in, and we have not had any incidents. Suddenly, last week, she just walks to the table and wipes all the pictures onto the floor and she repeats this process MANY times a day though punishment does follow!! Where did this come from? Thankfully, none of the frames have made their way down the stairs! She also climbs onto her big sister's bed and pulls things off the walls - including the nails!!! Life is definitely interesting with her. She keeps me on my toes. But I wouldn't change it for the world! (How else would I get my exercise???)

She is also a little monkey! On the playground, she climbs up the slide, standing up, without holding on! She has learned the arched ladder too. She climbs into her highchair. Not difficult? She does it with the tray on! She just steps over the tray like it isn't even there!

Her vocabulary is growing like crazy too! She has said her first sentence! And what a sentence it was! Elizabeth was talking about Jesus and how He died on the cross and that He is alive again. Jennifer looked at me and, in her baby talk said, "sus uh-ive" (translation: Jesus is Alive!") My heart was full to overflowing.

Elizabeth was playing with her and accidentally hurt her. She told her "I'm sorry", and I told Jennifer to tell her "I forgive you". I didn't figure she could say it, but I wanted to teach her what her response should be. She walked over to Elizabeth and said "gi ew"! I'm loving this little girl!!

She also says "thank you" and "yes ma'am" about everything. I finally gave in and gave them their chocolate bunnies that the "Easter Bunny" brought them. (Why, oh why did I buy those?!?!?!?) I put her in the high chair and she said "tain to momma"!

She looks grumpy but she was actually still trying to wake up!

Oh how stubborn she is! We took the side railing off of her crib. It's not a convertible crib, but the way it's built it can be used without that piece. An hour after they went to bed we heard Jennifer crying. I went in and found Elizabeth in Jennifer's bed, and Jennifer standing in the middle of the floor. She wasn't crying because she fell out of the bed. She was crying because she couldn't get back in!! I put both of them in Elizabeth's twin bed because it's a little bigger, and I put Jennifer next to the wall. However, after about 3 weeks of this and still not having learned to stay in bed, and momma's patience wearing VERY thin, we decided to put it back on until she is a little older!

Does it get any sweeter???

Oh! I almost forgot! She has started potty training! She tells me when she needs to go (#2) and then holds it until I get her on the potty!! We're almost there!!!

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