Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Typically, I prefer to read the New Living Translation of the Bible, but for Proverbs 31:10b, I like the way it is worded in the New International Version. "She is worth far more than rubies."

As I read this verse though, I began to wonder, "what's so special about a ruby"? And if it's so important that I am "worth far more" than one, what were they worth in Biblical times? What does that translate to today? 

After searching the Internet, I've seen that it's not the price placed on the ruby that made it so special. According to, "In the Bible, only wisdom and virtuous women are 'more precious than rubies'". It also says that "Throughout most of recorded history, ruby has been the world's most valued gemstone. Even diamond was considered common in comparison to the supreme beauty and value of this glowing red gem."

This answers the "what are they worth" question, but it still doesn't reveal WHY they are so valuable and priceless. So I kept searching.

I discovered on that they are "extremely rare" because "only special conditions, initiated by the Flood, could have produced these rare beauties".

That thought held me in awe! Think about it! The world was full of evil and darkness and through God's judgment on that sin, this beautiful and rare stone was formed. On top of that, if I follow his plan for womanhood, I will be even more valuable and precious to him and to my husband than that stone.

It may be a difficult to be virtuous and capable, but to be thought of as so precious makes the task so much easier. To think that God would see me, little ole me, in that way brings tears to my eyes and gives me a STRONG desire to live up to His standards!!!

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